• Airdrop Link: GO TO AIRDROP

  • Total Value: n/a

  • Airdrop unconfirmed

  • Platform: Solana

Rain.fi is the first fully decentralized, P2P liquidity protocol for NFTs, giving users the ability to lend SOL/USDC/MSOL and finance mortgages. Projects can create a pool with SOL that they can integrate on their website to lend SOL to users.

Rain.fi doesn’t have their token yet but could launch one in the future. They’ve introduced a points system where users could earn droplets for interacting with the platform. Users who earn droplets may get an airdrop if they launch their token.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Rain.fi website.

  2. Connect your Solana wallet.

  3. You will need some SOL and/or other tokens. You can get them on Binance.

  4. Click on “Borrow”, select the amount you want to collateralize, and borrow tokens.

  5. You could also collateralize NFTs and borrow tokens.

  6. Also, go to “Lending” and lend some tokens.

  7. They have a points system where users can earn “Droplets” for lending and borrowing on the platform. Users can earn one Droplet for every ten dollars they spend on lending and borrowing.

  8. Users who earn “Droplets” may get an airdrop if they launch their token in the future.

Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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