• Airdrop Link: VISIT THE WEBSITE

  • Total Value: n/a

  • Airdrop unconfirmed

  • Platform: Own chain

Patex is a complete crypto solution for the Latin American market, which provides a solution to all needs, both regulatory and users. The ecosystem is focused on trading, CBDC development, education and careers in the blockchain industry.

Patex has confirmed to launch their own token called “PATEX” and could do an airdrop for early users. Users who use the ETH bridge and do Zealy quests may get an airdrop when they launch their own token.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Patex website.

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet.

  3. Now, change the network to Patex.

  4. Click on your wallet address and go to “ETH Converter“.

  5. You will need some ETH. You can buy some ETH on Binance.

  6. Now bridge your ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to the Patex Mainnet.

  7. You could use the C-Patex exchange to trade or withdraw ETH from Patex Mainnet to Ethereum Mainnet.

  8. You could also select “Testnet” and bridge ETH from Sepolia Testnet to Patex testnet.

  9. Now click on “Proof of Value” and activate your referral link.

  10. You could receive 20% of the invitee’s activity. This reward can be claimed in the user’s personal cabinet. For more info about the invite system, see this page.

  11. Also, participate in the Zealy quests.

  12. Early users who perform transactions on the Patex platform may get an airdrop when they launch their own token.



Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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