• Airdrop Link: Go to airdrop

  • Total value: 30,000,000 MANTA

  • Platform: Own chain

Manta Network is the multi-modular ecosystem for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Manta Atlantic, the fastest ZK L1 chain, brings programmable privacy to web3 through compliant on-chain privacy and identity. Manta Pacific, the unique L2 ecosystem for EVM-native ZK applications, provides a scalable and inexpensive gas-fee environment for ZK applications to deploy simply using Solidity.

Manta Network will be airdropping a total of 30,000,000 MANTA to various early users. Manta active users, Manta early supporters, zkApp users, and various other users of Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic are eligible for the airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Manta Network eligibility checking page.

  2. Connect your Manta Pacific wallet and/or Polkadot wallet.

  3. Click on “Continue”.

  4. If you are eligible, you will be able to see the MANTA tokens that you can claim.

  5. Eligible users include:

    • Manta Atlantic's early supporters

    • Active zkApp users

    • MantaFest participants

    • MantaFest Takeover OAT holders

    • Giant Squid NFT holders

    • Various zkSBT holders

  6. They have also hinted at an airdrop to TIA stakers, so TIA stakers may become eligible when the claim goes live.

  7. The claim will be available at a later date. Follow our social channels to stay updated.

  8. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article.


Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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