• Airdrop Link: GO TO AIRDROP

  • Total Value: $60,000 ROOT & USDT

  • Platform: ETH

Futureverse is a leader in revolutionary AI and metaverse technologies that enable open, scalable, and interoperable apps, games and experiences. Futureverse maintains one of the largest digital collectible communities in the world and has amassed an expansive cultural footprint within the metaverse space and beyond through strategic partnerships with the world's leading IP and brands.

Futureverse is airdropping $60,000 worth of ROOT and USDT tokens. Sign up for the Zealy quests and complete the tasks to earn XPs. The top 1,000 participants on the leaderboard will get up to $2,000 worth of ROOT tokens each. A total of 2,000 participants who create a FuturePass will receive an additional 10 USDT each.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Futureverse Zealy quests page.

  2. Connect your wallet and log in to Zealy.

  3. Now, complete the quests to earn XPs.

  4. The participant with the most XPs will receive $2,000 worth of ROOT tokens.

  5. The participant ranked 2nd will receive $1,500 worth of ROOT tokens, while the 3rd place will receive $1,000. Participants ranked 4th and 5th place will both receive $500, 6th through 10th place will receive $200, 11th through 50th places will receive $100 each, participants ranked 51st to 100th will receive $50 each, and participants ranked 101st to 1,000th will get $30 worth of ROOT each.

  6. A total of 2000 participants who create a Futurepass, stake an asset (coming soon), and perform a swap (coming soon) will each receive an additional 10 USDT.

  7. Final quests will be added to the “Futureverse & The Root Network Platform” section very soon, so make sure to check back frequently for a chance to win some USDT!

Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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