dmail network

  • Airdrop Link: Visit the website

  • Total value: 6% of the total supply

  • Airdrop confirmed

  • Platform: ETH

Dmail Network is the next-generation Web3-based collaborative platform that integrates the functions of message communication, asset management, data storage, workspace, etc. Over time, Dmail will become a fundamental infrastructure tool and DID for users to enter the Web3 era, and will be a bridge that links Web2 users to easily use blockchain services.

Dmail Network has airdropped 7,500,000 DMAIL tokens to active users of the platform in season 1 of the airdrop. Eligible users have 30 days to claim the Season 1 airdrop. Users who’ve collected points can claim the airdrop in Season 2, which will go live after Season 1 ends. New users can still collect points and be eligible for the Season 2 airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Dmail Network website.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Change the network to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, or Internet Computer.

  4. Now, visit the “Presale” page and mint a domain.

  5. Go to “Settings” and bind the domain to your account.

  6. Now compose an email.

  7. You can send emails to a Web3 domain as well as to Web2 mails like Gmail.

  8. You will get points for doing the above tasks.

  9. Also, earn more points for referring your friends.

  10. You can use the points to upgrade the benefits of your account like daily limit, and storage space. For more info regarding the points and rewards, see this page.

  11. Early paid NFT domain holders, community contributors, 3D Crystal NFT holders, Dmail DApp Active Users, and Gitcoin Donors are eligible for Season 1 of the airdrop. They can claim it now from here.

  12. Season 1 participants have 30 days to claim the airdrop, or else they will be returned to Season 2’s pool.

  13. Season 1 of the airdrop was not based on collected points.

  14. It has been confirmed that users who accumulate points will receive DMAIL airdrop in the second season of the airdrop campaign.

  15. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this article.

Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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