• Airdrop Link: GO TO AIRDROP

  • Total Value: n/a

  • Platform: Binance Smart Chain

CARV's mission is to empower users with data self-sovereignty and to share value captured from the utility of data in a consent-based, privacy-preserving mechanism. CARV has built two key ecosystems to bolster this vision: CARV Protocol & CARV Play.

CARV will be airdropping free ARC tokens to users who do simple tasks. Visit the CARV protocol and mint a CARV ID to be eligible. Do additional tasks to earn more ARC tokens. You can earn additional ARC tokens for every person you refer.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the CARV airdrop page.

  2. Click on “Login” and connect your wallet.

  3. Now, change the network to opBNB.

  4. You will need some BNB on the opBNB network. You can get some BNB from Binance and withdraw it to the opBNB network.

  5. Now, you will need to mint a CARV ID to start earning SOUL.

  6. Scroll down and click on “CARV”.

  7. Now click on “Top up BNB” and you will get an opBNB Smart Wallet address where you will need to send some BNB.

  8. Now, mint your CARV ID.

  9. Scroll down to “Account binding” and bind accounts like Metamask, Discord, etc. The more accounts you bind, the more SOUL you will earn, etc.

  10. Also, click “.play Name Service” from the top right and mint a domain.

  11. The SOUL points will be converted to ARC token at TGE.

  12. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium article.


Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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