Your Bitcoin (BTC) airdrop claim request was successfully received by our system. Please allow us to check the eligibility of your claim. Once successful, you will receive Bitcoin up to $10 USD worth of BTC.

Do you want to get more free coins?


  • We are giving free Bitcoin worth $1,000 USD daily.

  • Each user can get a random Bitcoin airdrop from $1 to $10 worth of BTC.

  • Using or creating multiple accounts will result in a permanent banned and forfeiture of BTC airdrop earned.

  • It is strictly 1 successful claim for 1 user.

  • When it comes to BTC transaction time, in most cases, funds arrive within an hour or even more. Many platforms require six confirmations, which take about ten minutes each, thus an hour for the transaction to complete.

  • You will only be allowed to claim more than 1 if there's an instance of an unsuccessful claim after 24 hours of your previous claim attempt.

  • Violation of these rules will result in permanent banned.

  • Do not give your wallet password, phrase or any sensitive information to anyone, We will not ask you to provide any of this information.

  • Earnings in the affiliate program will separately send to your wallet.


  • Invite your friends to join our airdrop platform.

  • You will earn $2 worth of BTC for every friend that will join on our BTC airdrop program.

  • Earnings in the affiliate program will separately send to your wallet.

YOUR AFFILIATE LINK:"your BTC wallet address"

Airdrops can be a great way to get free cryptocurrency!

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